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The Walls Have Ears...

I learned how to make my pen write on it's own!

Denajaned: *bounces over to your bed and huggles*
Faymunra: hehehe, will tomorrow be AAAALL of the funness?
Faymunra: *Pippin tries to snuggle Ava*
Denajaned: *achooachooachoo*
Faymunra: thorry =X
Faymunra: ((I have such the best entry in my head for first half of school day, hehe))
Denajaned: I liek your cat, he'th cute. But he bakes be sdeeze
Faymunra: ((I think I need a life))
Faymunra: mkay Pippin, end of the bed please
Faymunra: ...do dogs make you sneeze too?
Denajaned: dot as buch as cats
Faymunra: dogs make my mummy sneeze
Faymunra: I seeeee
Faymunra: *Pippin flees to play with someone else's cat*
Denajaned: *snuffle* I'm going to get an owl of my own sometime soon
Faymunra: really?
Denajaned: *nods*
Faymunra: you didn't get one before leaving for school?
Denajaned: no
Denajaned: I just use school ones when I write back home
Faymunra: I seeee..
Faymunra: I've never slept away from my family before >.>
Denajaned: me neither.
Faymunra: I hope we can fall asleep
Denajaned: me too. that girl isn't snoring yet
Denajaned: I hope she doesn't start
Faymunra: I hope I can learn a spell that'll make her start, mwaahaaahaaa......*starts at own ebil laugh*
Faymunra: *stop
Denajaned: *blink*
Faymunra: *coughs* thorry, sometimes I'm weird >.>
Denajaned: hmm.
Faymunra: and people think i'm always weird and then they stop talking to me >_<
Faymunra: and yeah then I gots no friends
Denajaned: I won't stop talking to you! *hugs*
Denajaned: and I will always be your friend
Faymunra: YAY! *huggles* nobody's ever said that, 'cept maybe my brother. I'll always be your friend too!
Denajaned: yay!
Faymunra: *gets hushed by a prefect*
Faymunra: hmmph
Denajaned: I went to muggle school when I was little
Denajaned: *whispers* and I knew I wasn't a muggle but they all thought I was weird, too
Denajaned: I thought they were the weird ones though
Faymunra: woooow...I went to a girl's school, and most of them were muggles but some of them were from other snobby wizard families. Even they thought I was weird, hehe. Yeah, we're so much better, aren't we? hehe
Denajaned: you went to school with other people in wizard families?
Faymunra: well, we were all little
Denajaned: that's lucky though. I never knew anyone outside of my family
Faymunra: and most of us couldn't do much and they made us stay quiet
Denajaned: ohh
Faymunra: but yeah....I wish I'd known nicer ones, most of them were too busy thinking about getting to *real* school to make any friends
Denajaned: are you good at keeping secrets?
Faymunra: the best!
Denajaned: do you know who I think is really cute?
Denajaned: *giggles*
Faymunra: ewww boys...but ok, who *giggles*
Denajaned: Remus Lupin
Denajaned: he's a Gryffindor I think
Faymunra: *stifled eep*
Faymunra: yeah I saw him at dinner
Denajaned: I met him on the train before I sat with you
Faymunra: really? he seems nice, all the other boys were joking and teasing and he was just bein' nice
Denajaned: he has loads of friends already who he knew before though.. yeah
Faymunra: he'd be friends with you!
Denajaned: he seems like he should be in Ravenclaw with us
Faymunra: i know his friend Sirius kinda and I could get him to tell Remus you liked him, hehe
Denajaned: NO!
Faymunra: just kidding!
Denajaned: you said you wouldn't tell :-[
Faymunra: my lips are sealed, buttoned and zipped
Faymunra: *shakes head* never ever
Denajaned: you better not
Faymunra: at least not til we're all growned up
Faymunra: and that'll be a looooooong time
Denajaned: we're here for seven whole years
Denajaned: that's a loooooong time
Faymunra: I know, my little brother will be a big first year like us!
Faymunra: so long
Denajaned: *looks outside* it's creepy and foggy out
Denajaned: and the moon's all full.. I wonder if this castle's haunted
Faymunra: *shivers* yeah....I hope it is!
Denajaned: *shivers* I don't
Faymunra: I kinda like ghosts
Denajaned: but can you hear that? there are things that howl at the moon...
Denajaned: ((it really is creepy and foggy here XD))
Faymunra: *gulp* yeah....that *does* scare me a little
Denajaned: I hope I never have to fun into those things
Denajaned: run* ((snort))
Faymunra: ((falls.....over.....))
Denajaned: ((freudian slip much? XD))
Faymunra: ((yeah seriously XD))
Faymunra: me neither....unless...I was a powerful enough witch to handle it! hehe
Denajaned: my Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book says werewolves are like five star dangerous. do you think there are werewolves here?
Faymunra: *gulp* there could be...
Faymunra: Matty said there are LOTS of things in the forbidden forest that would eat a first year in one bite
Denajaned: O_O
Faymunra: ...he does like to scare me for fun, tho >.>
Denajaned: okay good
Faymunra: we're safe inside the school too
Faymunra: if there is stuff out there...we'll be okay in here *shivers*
Denajaned: I hope so
Denajaned: I'm sleepy now, too, Leanan
Faymunra: yeah
Faymunra: we should get to bed, we start classes tomorrow O_O
Denajaned: I know!
Faymunra: I'm excited and scared and excited, hehe
Denajaned: me too
Denajaned: I hope we have lots of friends with Gryffindors!
Denajaned: CLASSES* geesh
Faymunra: hehe
Faymunra: yeah, lots of the girls I went to school wit are Slytherins >.>
Denajaned: scary!
Faymunra: I don't mind any certain houses yet like Sara did (she always picks on Hufflepuffs), but if I have to deal with them much I'll screeeeeeeeam, Ava
Denajaned: me too. Slytherins scare me
Denajaned: they all seem stuck up and mean
Faymunra: yeah, a bunch of them do
Faymunra: I KNOW a bunch are, even =P
Faymunra: but mummy always said to give people a chance
Faymunra: so I'll just do my best to be nice and concentrate on the classes I guess
Denajaned: *nods*
Denajaned: but I'm going to go to bed now
Faymunra: maybe you'll sit next to REMUS tomorrow ;-)
Faymunra: *crawls under covers*
Denajaned: maybe I'll sit next to YOU because I don't know anyone else~
Denajaned: *goes back to own bed and does the same*
Faymunra: well yeah, but someone can always sit on your other side, hehe
Faymunra: of course we'll stick together though
Faymunra: *lights go out*
Faymunra: *Pippin hops back up on bed*
Denajaned: *sneezes* good night Leanan
Faymunra: *whispers* goodnight Ava!

~ Leanan
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