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September 1971

I am writing in the astronomy tower! We are studying the stars with gryffindor tonight with our new telescopes. Professor Helm is teaching us their names and just walking around, making sure we take our notes on how they move. I like her she smiles a lot.

I love this tower and I love the stars. Im not tired anymore, I just want to keep on watching them. I think James and Sirius are being silly but I can't see them so I dont know. And I don't want to stop looking at the sky. It is so clear and beutiful and as long I am up here I don't have to sleep and have bad dreams.

I have learned tho Ava can sleep anywhere and sleeps like the dead. She and Remus sat next to each other to share notes then fell asleep. Theyll wake up when Professor Helm comes back our way hehe.

Im never going back to bed ever.

Denajaned: *emo* where is my boyfriend?
Faymunra: *blinky*
Faymunra: which one? XD
Denajaned: Remus!
Faymunra: oh he's your booooyfriend now? ;-)
Denajaned: well he's a boy and he's my friend :D
Faymunra: heeheehee
Faymunra: you loooooooove him
Faymunra: boys are too much trouble.
Faymunra: theyre either pulling your hair or teasing you...or being mean
Denajaned: Remus doesn't do that
Denajaned: he's a nice boy
Faymunra: yeah that's true
Faymunra: okay I guess theres one good one
Denajaned: *sigh*
Faymunra: don't let it spoil your fun! you're friends and thats good too
Denajaned: yes yes
Faymunra: were too little to think about boys anyway
Denajaned: I want to be grown up, Leanan
Faymunra: Sara told me I cant like boys til third year =P
Faymunra: me too sometimes...
Faymunra: but then I think about all the things I couldn't get away with any more hehe
Faymunra: and then I think about graduating and how cool that'll be...we'll be real honest to goodness witches!
Denajaned: I know!
Denajaned: what do you think we'll be like when we're all old?
Denajaned: (oh so doomed perhaps? XD)
Faymunra: and we can get married and have our own kids and they'll be like us and....I think we'll be the same
Faymunra: just taller
Faymunra: and with boobs
Faymunra: =P
Denajaned: *giggles*
Faymunra: maybe THEN I'll start thinkin' bout boys
Faymunra: but I remember sara and all her silly stories of girls likin' boys
Faymunra: we won't be silly tho. we're cooler
Denajaned: right.
Faymunra: I think Remus likes you too kinda
Denajaned: reeeeeeeeeeally?
Faymunra: well he did fall asleep on your shoulder hehe
Denajaned: *blushes*
Faymunra: hehehehe
Denajaned: maybe someday when we're older he'll like me too and we'll get married
Faymunra: heee!
Faymunra: maybe!
Faymunra: I used to want to marry john lennon
Denajaned: hehehe
Faymunra: then Sara said that might not be a good idea
Denajaned: why?
Faymunra: well you know, he's famous and I'll be witch
Faymunra: I'd have to hide my magic too much
Denajaned: .... but together you'd be witch and famous
Faymunra: *falls over*
Denajaned: I think that was the funniest thing I've ever said
Denajaned: it took you like five tries to think of something to say
Faymunra: I think so too XD
Faymunra: *falls over again*
Faymunra: hmmm, I wonder if anyone likes me....
Denajaned: I think Sirius does!
Faymunra: ew that'd be weeeeird!
Denajaned: I think he doooooooooooooooes
Faymunra: really? hehe
Denajaned: I should ask him!
Faymunra: I like him but he teases too much, hehe
Faymunra: and I'd kill his family =P
Denajaned: why?
Faymunra: too snobby!
Denajaned: aww
Faymunra: but yeah, I'm never gonna get all silly about boys ever
Faymunra: until maybe we're graduated
Denajaned: okay
Denajaned: me too
Faymunra: ...too late XD
Denajaned: I'm not all silly!
Faymunra: cuz you like Reeeeemus....no thats true
Faymunra: and you havent written his name in pink swirlly leetters in the journal yet
Faymunra: my sister says thats the best sign
Denajaned: I haven't
Faymunra: that you have gone boysilly, hehe
Faymunra: ok good
Denajaned: I wish I had a sister
Faymunra: I'll be your sister!
Denajaned: okay!
Faymunra: and you can share my family on holidays hehe
Faymunra: *twirlls* yaaaaaay another sister and she's the best oooone!
Denajaned: the best one?
Denajaned: really?
Faymunra: yup XD
Faymunra: cause you won't grow up before I do and leave me for some boy hehe
Faymunra: we'll do that together
Denajaned: k!
Denajaned: *sigh*
Denajaned: I think it's sleeptime now
Faymunra: me too
Faymunra: I think we're annoying the sleepy people >.>
Denajaned: yesh
Denajaned: *hugs* I hope no scary dreams tonight Leanan
Denajaned: you can wake me up if you get scared.
Faymunra: *hugs too* me too =X
Faymunra: okay hehe
Denajaned: or even come sleep with me, 'cause I'm your sister hehe
Faymunra: *crawls into bed* good plan XD
Faymunra: goodnight Ava-sister
Denajaned: good night ^^

~ Leanan
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