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November 10th, 1971

Dear Diary,


It's been a while since Ava last updated, we've been so busy with school and homework but we're learning so much we don't care all that much. Halloween was so much fun. Ava and I are together almost all the time and whenever we are with Gryffindor, the boys are with us and its fun. Sirius and James are starting to get annoying...kinda like annoying brothers... but Remus is great. Ava likes him LOTS hehe.

I think Sirius and Severus finally HATE each other. I dont even think they know why half the time they're fighting. All we know is that they keep getting in trouble for hexing each other. I mean yeah Sirius is kinda annoying and Severus is kinda creepy but this is just rediculous. I actually found Sirius in the LIBRARY of all places trying to learn some new hexes. Honestly.

All I can say is that I might not like him very much but Severus and I have stopped fighting. It's kinda a long story but it's after dinner and my homework is done and Ava is playing chess with Hannah so here goes.

We didt stop picking on each other from day one. I made his shoelaces knot together, he made me trip at lunch, I made his owl turn blue and yeah. He called me a muggle lover I called him a greesy git. Mum wouldn't have liked that but I didnt care.

But then some of the Slytherin girls started to notice who I was and things got ten times worse and picking on Severus wasnt fun anymore. Girls are so much worse than boys. Yesterday right before Transfiguration Kerrith Wilkes asked me if it was true that my father was cutting my sister Sara off cause she's marrying a mudblood (everyone knows my family has lots of money and that we're a long line of wizards and that my grandad was a Slytherin, his name is right in the trophy room). I yelled at her that it wasn't true and she yelled at me that it should be and I called her a bad name and she said she knew I snuck off at night to cry for my mum. I said prove it but she couldn't. I don't know how she guessed though! Ava says maybe she didnt...maybe she was just pickin on me.

Anyways, last night....I had another bad dream, and I couldnt fall asleep again.

It was really really bad this time...Thornbridge (my house) was burning and I could hear mum and my little brothers screaming inside and I could see a dark man walking around and around it laughing. Then he looked at ME and I raised my wand but I couldn't say anything. He laughed at me...and then walked right THROUGH me, like I was a ghost. I saw my sister and there were two little girls with her and my sister was trying to raise her wand and fight the Dark Man. But he said some words...a spell I didnt know...and she fell and stopped moving, and the girls did too and I knew they were all dead. And I kept screaming and screaming but nobody could hear me but the Dark man, and he kept laughing at me.

Well I woke up and I was crying. But I didn't wake up Ava...she went t sleep with a cold and she saw Madame Pomfrey about it this morning but still. She was sniffing in her sleep. I put on my robe and went down to the library. I knew that Kerrith didn't know I went walking, nobody can hear my footsteps, I use a charm.

I'm always alone in the library so when I heard noises in there I was scared. But I just held onto my wand and kept walking and then I knew it was someone crying. Or trying not to. I walked over to the couches in the corner and there was Severus. He glared at me but I glared back at him. Until I saw that his eyes were red.

He said, "What are you doing here?"

And I said "I'm here all the time."

And he said "I was here first."

And I said "Well I could tell someone you were down here."

And he said, "Not without getting in trouble too."

And he was right so I just huffed and said "Well I'm not leaving."

He said "I'm not leaving either."

So...he stayed on the couch with his face buried in 200 Curses & Their Reverses and I sat in a chair by the window and looked at the stars. I wanted to change my mind and go up to the tower but then he would have won. I heard him sniff once and asked why he was down there. He wouldn't tell me. I told him I had been having really bad dreams. He still wouldn't tell me what was wrong. So I kept watching the sky.

We fell asleep I guess. We woke up at the exact same time right when the sun was coming up and we jumped up all scared of someone catching us. We ran all the way to the hall but before we turned to go back to our houses he grabbed my arm. I turned around and he had his wand out and he said something really quiet and tapped my forehead before running off to the Slytherin House.

I was able to take a nap before breakfast. I didn't have any bad dreams. I'm kinda forgetting what my last one was like even now. Something tells me I might not have anymore.

Now for the REALLY weird part.

On our way to breakfast this morning we were passing Slytherin and Prof McGonagall stopped us and asked the prefects if all their students had been in bed last night. The librarian found some books out of place and she'd cleaned up last night. Kerrith Wilkes looked at me and smiled so meanly and was ready to say something but a voice blurted out "It was me Professor." It was Severus. Ava just looked at me and I just looked at him as he let himself get 20 points taken away. I would have thought it would be more plus detention the way the teachers have told us not to be up after hours. But prof McGonagall was very nice for some reason.

Kerrith was madder then anything!

After breakfast I passed Severus and said "Thanks." He just shrugged, and didn't say anything. Finally, he said, "I'm sorry for what I said about your sister." I said I was sorry for being mean about it.
"Truce?" I asked. And then he did look at me and he nodded and said "Truce."

Yeah Sirius and James will prolly pick on him forever and yeah he's creepy...but I can't be mad anymore. He didnt just cover me he gave me the best revenge ever. And I think he took care of my bad dreams for a while. Guess mum's right sometimes. He's still really creepy though.

Remus was sick again last week. Ava and I cant figure out whats wrong that the hospital wing cant fix him right up but oh well. He told Ava its just some weird sickness he gets. I hope it gets better.

My hand is cramping. Gonna go watch chess game now.

~ Leanan...I love my kitty cat!
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