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Almost exam time!

June 12th, 1972

Dear Diary,

I'm taking a break from studying because I'm absolutly tired of it. I think Leanan even is getting sick of it. Today it's raining and I'm kind of glad about that because it makes me want to go outside less. If it was pretty and sunny I think that would make studying very hard.

Exams start tomorrow and I am both excited and upset. Excited because that means it's summer holidays but upset because I have to go home, and all my friends are here at Hogwarts! But I guess they'll all be at home too. I wrote before I am visiting Leanan in the summer which will be very fun. But I don't think I will see any of my other friends until August when we come back.

Today at breakfast Leanan and me saw Remus and Sirius, and I asked them how their studying was going. Sirius laughed at me like it was a silly question, like what would he need to study for? Leanan rolled her eyes because Sirius might be smart but so is Leanan and she's studying a lot. And I am too. And I think Remus started to say that he was studying a lot too but Sirius was being all full of himself so Remus couldn't talk. And then they left. It was kind of weird.

I think I should get back to studying, I have a lot of essays to read over and review. It's starting to get noisy in here though and I think I'll go to the library. Good night!

Love Ava

OOC, mod post XD whoa, it's like a real RPG kinda XD

Not a huge deal, and I've already discussed it with Amy, but for future reference, so we keep straight how we're going to do it:

I've made two journals for when our lovely boys (the Marauders, and Phinnaeus and Severus too) try to break in and read or write in this.

The "diary" as it is is hexed up and down so no one can read it but us (Leanan and Ava for now, but eventually we'll meet and befriend Haysel and Mab too) and will be met with a smattering of boils upon trying to break the protective spells.

The journal for Sirius, Remus and James is impossble_gits.

The journal for Peter, Severus, and Phinnaeus (which will be used less, probably, as Peter fears us and Severus knows better)... can be found at _impossble_gits.

Creative, I know ;) So when you make icons for it, upload them according to that. If you forget/don't know the passwords, ask me.

That's all for now XD I feel silly posting this as... it's just me and Amy right now >.> But soon it'll be second year and then we shall number FOUR! Woooooo~ kthxbye XD

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