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mostly for Blev and Sarah's sake, since they aren't online

*snort* Another "mod post" because I'm a postwhore.

We're moving!

Amy and I wanted more icon possibilities (as in, unlimited ones) so we're picking up and moving to GreatestJournal. The community name over there is the same as this one. Me and Amy are maintainers, as moonshadow_ava and leanan_ward.. we're not going to move everything ever, except for the last Ava post, and a link back to here.

I don't know if your same usernames are available over there, but whatever. We're starting second year like, this weekend, so you guys can join and pop in whenever :D We'll post the first post of the year, and we'll mention you guys, so you'll have an idea of what'll be going on.

*dances* *goes to collect Claire Danes icons for PB-ness* I love it. MWAHAHAHA.


*edits to add links, in case anyone is directed here by mistake*
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