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I can't sleep!

October 4th, 1971

Dear Diary

Ok well it's about three in the morning now and I can't sleep. Leanan is sleeping like a baby which is strange for her, I usually am asleep a long time before she is. It is cold in our room and Alice is snoring and there are strange noises.

I wish I was quiet like Leanan and could sneak out of the common room and go for a walk. I am afraid I would get in so much trouble though, if Mr. Filch found me, he is scary and I dont want to run into him ever. I went down to the common room and read a book for a little while and I was thinking about Remus and how I think he is sick but no one will tell me why. I am still a little bit annoyed but not with Remus because if he was sick that is a good reason to not come to lunch but it isnt very nice of his friends to not tell me what happened when I ask. Peter almost told me but then Sirius whacked him.

I think I am feeling homesick which I have never felt before. I kind of miss my mum, and maybe even dad a little bit too. I don't really miss my brother although it would be kind of fun to try to teach him the things I know now.

I am glad it is the weekend now and I can sleep in tomorrow morning and maybe Remus will be better too. I don't like him or anything though. Just like Leanan doesn't like Sirius.

Love Ava
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