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Three Ravenclaws And A Gryffindor

Weep Not For The Memories

The Foursome
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Warily, Ava crawled out of the covers on her bed, shivering at the cold air that filled the room. Leanan grinned at her, her face illuminated in white light. Everything was still and quiet, and Ava wondered if she was actually even awake yet. There was a certain dreamlike quality about the scene...

She opened the wrapping paper carefully, quietly so as not to wake up Hannah and Alice and Persephone, their roommates. And then she remembered that the other three weren’t there, they’d gone home for Christmas like most of the other students. Still quietly, she tore the rest of the paper open, revealing a round box covered in lace and sequins and old postcards and hundreds of tiny mirrors, forming a sort of Ava- mosaic as she looked at them. Light from the candle and Leanan’s wand glittered everywhere, and Ava looked on in awe.

“Open it!” Leanan said with a grin, lights dancing upon her face.

Ava looked at her, and then back at the box. She opened it, and inside were a small stack of photographs of Leanan and Ava and their friends, smiling and waving for the camera. “Oh, Leanan. It’s beautiful,” she said.

“This way, even after we’re done here at Hogwarts we can all still be together,” her friend whispered, and Ava leaned over to give her a hug.

Once upon a time, four girls were sent off to school, becoming two pairs of best friends, and a foursome of kindred spirits. While their personalities each differed, all agreed that they were even better people for knowing each other. They shared each other's dreams, sorrows, and exam notes, had their schoolgirl loves, their moments of glory on the Quidditch field, and days of endless teasing from Sirius Black.

In the April of 1977, a great tragedy took one of them away, and the remaining three girls were never quite the same. However, accounts of the fantastic years the foursome spent at Hogwarts remain, in the form of photos, journal entries and memories, all carefully kept by one of their surviving number, Prof. Ava Jones.

So take a peak inside, and become privy to the happier, schoolgirl days of Ava Jones, Leanan Sidhe Ward, Mary-Beth Resler, Haysel Blevins, and those friends who were most dear to them.

"You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think that we don't recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble...?"

((Based on a fanfic by denajane, which chronicals the 6th year of the girl's school experience, and the oh-so-angsty events that robbed them of one of their number. RPG journal, closed membership. Might let the guys' entries in, if we're feeling adventurous later, mwaa. Will become even more active when story is completed!


Not many, lol. RPing will be in more or less chronological order, starting with Ava and Leanan's first year. Putting a date on your entry is a MUST!! All entries will be put in memories. Feel free to create an RP journal if you are so inclinded. And yes, while we are Mary-Sue-esque, try to keep things believable.))

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